The Handbell Brothers’ Blog began as a collaborative effort between Derek and Bryce Nance, two brothers from Nevada.  Their goal was to create a place where bell ringers could learn more about the diverse handbell community, and fans of handbells could enjoy beautiful performances.  As the blog has grown over the years new friends have joined the Handbell Brothers’ family, but the goal of creating a hub of handbell news, education, and entertainment has always remained constant.

Meet the Team

Bryce and Derek hanging out with handbell composer and clinician Michael Glasgow

Derek Nance : Co-founder and Editor

Derek Nance began bell ringing in high school when his band director Marshal Townsend decided to start to start a group.  Between school and a church group directed by Lois Castle, Derek spent his later teen years becoming obsessed with bells.  Upon moving to college in Reno, Nevada, he was immediately recruited by Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble under the direction of Barb Walsh.  Tintab at the time was still a small school group, but the group grew into a nationally recognized community ensemble after performing the opening concert at the Handbell Musicians National Seminar in 2013.  With the bay area only a short drive from Reno, Derek has also performed with the Sonos Handbell Ensemble since 2010.  Derek travels to bell conferences often, including many area and national events and the inaugural Virtuoso Experience presented by the Raleigh Ringers.  In 2014 Derek was elected as a Member At Large to the Handbell Musicians of American Board of Directors.


Bryce Nance : Co-founder

Bryce Nance began playing bells around the same time as his brother, which due to the fact that he is younger means that he began playing bells earlier in life.  In addition to playing bells throughout his schooling, he also played trombone in Jazz Band and baritone/euphonium in concert band.  In both concert and jazz band he won multiple awards and performed in several All State ensembles.  Upon reaching college, Bryce also joined Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble.  Bryce was a part of many of Tintab’s largest performances, including their National Seminar performance in 2013 and North Carolina tour in 2014.  Bryce also participated in the inaugural Virtuoso Experience in 2013.  He now lives in Colorado where he pursues his other passion, environmental science.

Other Contributors

Some other bell enthusiasts have been kind enough to submit their work to our humble blog.

Nancy Kirkner

Nancy is a professional handbell soloist from Seattle, Washington.  She runs the popular blog where she posts articles on all aspects of bell ringing.

Tiara Roman

Tiara hails from the island of Puerto Rico and has gained a following on Facebook with her popular I Love Handbells page.

Matthew Compton

A young composer, arranger, and ringer from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Matt currently studies at Concordia University Wisconsin.