Announcing the World’s Greatest Handbell Competition*

Posted By Derek Nance on Apr 4, 2014 | 7 comments

Well folks, the moment is here!  We are excited to launch the first ever “World’s Greatest Handbell Competition*”.  The official website with rules and such will be released next week, so for now here is a list of questions you are probably wondering.
Handbells are a pain to travel with, so how could I possibly compete all over the world?

The entire competition will be done through video submission.  Videos will not be judged based on the quality of videography, so even a cell phone camera sitting on a music stand during a rehearsal will work.

When is the submission deadline?

Videos will be accepted until June 18th, 2014.  Videos must also be from this spring concert season, so only videos recorded from January 1st, 2014 on will be allowed.

Are there going to be different categories?

Right now we are planning on having four separate categories; Musicality, Ingenuity, Small Ensemble, and Viewers Choice.

Who is going to judge the competition?

A super awesome panel of handbell celebrities who will be announced later.

How many pieces can my group submit?

We are asking groups to submit no more than 2 of their favorite pieces.

Handbells have always been a non-competitive art form.  Why do you want to host a competition?

One of our favorite aspects of the handbell community is that everyone can be a part of it, from beginners to experts.  Massed ringing events allow all ringers to be part of the group and learn together.  I love getting the chance to ring next to musicians better than myself and learn from them. I commented earlier on a post about coming out in the handbell world that everyone can be accepted into the handbell community.

However, it is also my belief that competition breeds innovation.  If we want to grow as an art form, we should give groups the incentive to try new challenges, take risks, and show off their skills.  I don’t want the handbell world to become a contentious, audition heavy world where musicians feel excluded, but I also feel that once a year we should come together to celebrate awesome performances other groups have created.

My group’s best performances are during the Christmas Season.  Why can’t I use those videos?

Because everyone knows handbells can play Christmas music.

What’s up with the asterisk?

You’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting competition!!!

*At least the best competition on the internet