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Posted By Derek Nance on Sep 22, 2012 |

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in a while. Both Bryce and I have been busy finishing up the school year, and in my case, graduating. I have been working on this post for a while, and graduating put me in the right introspective mood to finally post it:
We all have this moment; you’ve been practicing a piece of music for months, all the notes are in the right spot, all the techniques are perfect, and it sounds really good. Then, you ring the piece once, and something magical happens, something clicks and the music sounds…musical. Sometimes this moment happens to me the second time we ring a piece, sometimes it waits till the concert to happen, and sometimes it never happens at all. But none the less, you can tell when the group gets “in the pocket” as my jazz teacher once said (he also said lots of other things too, but they might not be appropriate for a bell blog).

Well, I was watching videos on being a nerd and I ran across this video (if you haven’t seen any Ted talks, I would highly recommend them. Professionals and interesting people form all walks of life give presentations on what they do, and all in 18 minutes. Fascinating). It is a lecture by Benjamin Zander, the former conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. In this video, he converts an entire auditorium of people into classical music fans. I think he sums up the essence of music perfectly, and his idea of pulses in music is a great thing to keep in mind while rehearsing.

Watch and enjoy!