Arnold Sherman’s Original Compositions

Posted By Derek Nance on May 18, 2013 | 3 comments

For the past few weeks we have been spotlighting arrangements and cover songs done by bells, so today we have two original works for bells.  “Spiritoso” and “Fantasy No. 3 in G Minor” are both works by Arnold Sherman.  Arnold Sherman is no doubt well know to most bell ringers due to his vast library of works for bells (the piece “Grazioso” always comes to mind when I think of him).  However, these two pieces in particular caught my attention because of their unique sound and arrangement.
First up we have “Spiritoso”.  This piece seamlessly blends orchestra and handbells to create almost a John Williams like movie soundtrack sound.  Enjoy this performance by the Baylor Bronze and Baylor Campus Orchestra.

(Note that the audio and video are not synced, but it is still worth a listen)

Next up we have “Fantasy No. 3 in G Minor”.  I like how both of these pieces have a stopped chime sound, which is not something you hear composers utilize very often.  This piece also has the swelling chords and movie score sound that draw the audience in.  The video below of Strikepoint is stunning because they do the entire performance without a conductor, including the massive accelerando at the end.

What is your favorite Arnold Sherman piece?