Bell Appeal presents “Bella Voce” Live

Posted By Derek Nance on May 4, 2013 | 6 comments

The Handbell Brothers are proud to present Bell Appeal live in concert!

Bella Voce

Music for bells and voice including songs by P!nk, fun., Michael Bublé, Maroon 5, and Macklemore.

Sunday, May 5th at 2:30pm Pacific Time


Concert Program

Bard’s Song

The Blind Guardians, arranged by Jen Hayes

Featuring: Gabrielle McClogan, Sara Heron, Shawn Delaney, and Sam Maurer

But also check out the Van Canto version on Youtube with the courageous cat in it:

Feeling Good

Nina Simone, arranged by Susan Griffin

Featuring: Shawn Delaney and Lo Chao (Piano), Gloria Sloiz (Electric Bass), Max Nied (Drums)

But we’re playing the Michael Buble version because of the nifty key changes.


The Civil Wars, arranged by Jen Hayes

Featuring: Gabrielle McCologan and Sara Heron (Vocals), Max Nied (Drums)

Jen says she first heard this song when she heard her brother singing it as a duet with his girlfriend.  We couldn’t get the brother and girlfriend to fly out rehearsals so we went with Gabrielle and Sara, who sound beautiful on this song.

Same Love

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, arranged by Susan Griffin

Featuring: Clifford Reilly, Gabrielle McColgan, Sara Heron, and Shawn Delaney (vocals), Adrienne Krug (Piano), Chelsea Bond (Organ), Louise Reiter (Percussion), Gloria Soliz (Electric Bass), Max Nied (Drums)

Jar of Hearts

Christina Perri, arranged by Kelli Bruno

Featuring: Gabrielle McCologan, Sara Heron, and Sam Maurer (Vocals), Adrienne Krug (Piano), Gloria Soliz (Guitar)

We love Kelli.  She arranged this song for her college a capella group, but also plays bells in William Payne’s handbell ensemble (bell people will know who that is) at Bucknell University.  She asked if she could do this arrangement…and we jumped at the opportunity.

What If This Storm Ends?

Snow Patrol, arranged by Clifford Reilly

Featuring: Gabrielle McColgan, Sara Heron, and Shawn Delaney (vocals), Lo Chau (Piano), Max Nied (Drums), Gloria Soliz (Electric Bass)

Falling Slowly

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, arranged by Jen Hayes

Featuring: Gabrielle McColgan and Sam Maurer (vocals)

You may remember one year ago when the second speaker accepting the Oscar for best song was cut off before she could thank anyone, and then after the commercial break host Jon Stewart brought her back?  How sweet was that?  That was Marketa Irglova and that was this song.  It’s now included in the Broadway musical from the same movie: “Once”.  (We watch way too many YouTube clips of this sort of thing at work).

Harder to Breath

Maroon 5, arranged by Jen Hayes

Featuring: Shawn Delaney (vocals), Max Nied (Drums), Gloria Soliz (Electric Bass)


Keith Murphy and Nightingale, arranged by Leland Paul Kusmer

Featuring: Sam Maurer

This beautiful song is a bit hard to find, but it does exist on I-Tunes if you search “Hills/Mightingale”.  Then you can hear the fiddles for real…

How current are we?  This song is this week’s no. 1 on US Singles Top 

Just Give Me A Reason

Pink, arranged by Susan Griffin

Featuring: Sara Heron and Shawn Delaney (vocals), Adrienne Krug (Piano), Louise Reiter (Percussion), Gloria Soliz  (Electric Bass), Max Nied (Drums)

Feel free to clap throughout the chorus – but please don’t clap like white people – clap on beats two and four only!

Carry On

fun, arranged by Jen Hayes

 Bell Appeal

Directors: Clifford Reilly and Leland Paul

Ringers: Adrienne Krug, Chelsea Bond, Darwin Choi, Joni Ratts, Michael Eaton, Andrea McAlister, Dan Brewster, Greg Kuniholm, Jeff Johnson, Jen Hayes, Louis Reiter, Susan Griffin

Thank yous to: Our helpers for donation collection; Pacific School of Religion and the United Methodist Leadership Initiative and Dr. Randall Miller; Bethany United Methodist Church; Carolyn Harnly for the loan of the chimes; Sandi Tansley for the loan of the really, really big bells we can’t afford to buy (the bells we borrowed cost over $2,500 each; come on, chip in people); Bruce Pettit and Andrenne Krug for helping handle our finances; Jen Hayes for the AWESOME print media; and Handbell Brothers for live streaming our Sunday concert.