Archive: To each their own

Posted By on Sep 23, 2012

I was watching this video with Bjork being accompanied by a handbell choir and noticed something odd. If you learned handbells in America, you will probably catch what I’m referring to. Anyone notice it? If you watch closely, everyone on the table is ringing backwards. Well, at least, backwards to me. I was always taught to ring by flicking my wrist forwards to strike the casting. This whole choir flicks their wrists backwards...

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Archive: 6-in-hand (First Post)

Posted By on Sep 22, 2012

Hey Handbell Friends! We are starting a new handbell blog dedicated to stirring up conversations about bells, showing techniques, and sharing ideas! Feel free to comment! First Post Subject: 6-in-hand! For many of us (including me), six-in-hand has not been a practical way to ring bells in musically. It has better served as a way to play around and ring simple rhythms and songs. I have found two ways on Youtube of people demonstrating...

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