Video of the Week: Clair de Lune

Posted By Derek Nance on Feb 5, 2015 | 4 comments

Yes, that Debussy classic. For some reason, this song seems to evoke a certain memory or feeling for everybody that hears it. As a native Las Vegan (Vegasite? Vegasan? They all sound like a disease) we avoided the Strip at all costs. The only times we would brave the craziness is when close friends or family came to town and wanted to do the “Vegas thing”. The Bellagio fountains were always the last sight to see at the end of the night, and many times the fountains would play Clair de Lune. This of course was made famous in Oceans 11 and now the whole world associates the fountains with that iconic image.

The second memory this song sparks is of Derek playing the piano. This was the song he played more than anything and I remember listening to Clair de Lune over and over and over and over as he memorized the piece.

Here is one of our favorite groups, Handbells Unlimited, playing their version arranged by David Jordan on last month’s handbell cruise.

In the comments leave us your memory associated with this classic song!