Classical Weekend Listening

Posted By Derek Nance on Jun 1, 2013 | 2 comments

While we are getting packed for our first big trip of the summer, here is some relaxing Mozart for your listening pleasure.  This is Handbell Cathy performing “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”.  Watch for the beautiful finger damping that gives all of the lines their crisp sound.

Also, if anyone can translate their website, I would love to know more about this group.

Editors Note: A couple weeks after we posted this video, we received the following email from Tomoko, one of the members of Handbell Cathy:

“Handbell Cathy is an amateur handbell group based in Tokyo, Japan. We formed the group about four years ago. This April, we had the second concert at which we played a dozen pieces including those uploaded to YouTube. We are pupils of Taiko Otsubo, the leader of Kiriku Handbell Ensemble which you described as “your jaw will be on the floor.” As you might already know, Kiriku will go on a U.S. tour in July. If you ring with Sonos Handbell Ensemble, they surely know much about Kiriku.”