“Clocks” by Coldplay

Posted By Derek Nance on Feb 20, 2013 |

Winning the 2004 Grammy for “Best Record”, Coldplay’s clocks is a song ripe for handbell covers because of the repeated, lyrical piano riff that creates the backbone of this piece.  In this cover by San Francisco based Bell Appeal, I particularly love the climax at 3:21 where the drums and rhythm fall out and you are left with soaring bell riffs.

I’ve seen other covers of this song adding bass guitar with the drum set, but I think in this case the drums and bass bells compliment each other well.  If I have any complaints about this cover, it has to do with the video quality, not the ringing.  The poor video quality hides the intricacies of the bell ringing, and the drum set beats out the bells by the time the sound makes it to the back of the church where the camera is sitting.  I’m sure this sounded spectacular live, but on Youtube it is only mediocre.

(For the record, I have met many of the ringers in this group at various Area XII events.  Hopefully we will get to chance to bring you one of their concerts live sometime.)

Here is the original piece by Coldplay:

Editors note: we did record one of their concerts live.  You can see the full recording here!