Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Posted By Derek Nance on Feb 21, 2013 | 1 comment

To prove that pop music can be performed by both small and large ensembles, here it a recording of Bobby McFerrin’s eternal hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” performed by the amazing Velocity Handbell Ensemble.  In the original, McFerrin layers his voice to create the intricate, grooving sound associated with this piece.  To replicate that sound Velocity uses innovative tridents of muted chimes, a backing track, and mild shenanigans.  The end result is this master piece.

Velocity is a California based quartet who unfortunately performed their last concert at the 2012 Area XII conference.  I have been to their concerts several times, and they are always a pleasure.  Hopefully sometime in the future they will return?!

Even though everyone has probably heard this song before, here is the original music video starring Bobby McFerrin, Robin Williams, and Bill Irwin.  If you have never seen the video before, it will definitely make you laugh.