Epic “Born This Way” Handbell Techno Remix

Posted By Derek Nance on Apr 7, 2015 |

And now for something completely different; presenting a remix of the very first performance we posted on the blog!  Here is “Born This Way” performed and arranged by Brian Seemann and remixed by Aaron Cheng.

You have to admit that’s pretty fantastic.  It has been far too long since the last time we posted a electronic remix of bells.

Aaron, the producer of the piece, is surprisingly not a handbell musician.  His brother and sister however are part of Impulse Handbell Ensemble, the youth ensemble in New Jersey lead by Ryan Guth.  After an Impulse concert, Ryan was talking with Aaron about an idea for mixing electronic music with bells.  Aaron, who is interested in creating electronic music, thought the idea was fantastic and began scouring the internet for pop songs that he could add an electronic beat too.  That’s how he stumbled across Brian Seemann’s arrangement of Lady Gaga.

I’m excited by the prospect of involving non-handbell people in our art form.  After Ryan forwarded us this remix, Brian and I immediately reached out to Aaron to see what else he could help us with.  Somehow I don’t think this will be the last time you’ll see him on the blog.

The handbell world is a small community, and to grow larger I feel that we need to bring in more and more people from the outside, both as musicians and volunteers.  What success have you had bringing in non-handbell people to help with your groups?

Also, what piece should we try and remix next?