What Is French For Bell Ringing?

Posted By Derek Nance on Aug 24, 2013 |

When handbells and indie rock combine you can never really be sure what the final result will be.  Sometimes you get the rhythmic driving bass line like Anthallo, and sometimes you get the ethereal flowing bell runs like in today’s music.  London based duo French For Cartridge recently released their brand new song “Boxes” featuring a bell trio most ringers would be familiar with.
The song “Boxes” is eclectic.  It swings between being pretty and angelic to fast and raucous to sad and minor and back to pretty and angelic all within four minutes.  The piece leaves you questioning what it was you just listened to, but the recording and vocals are so good you never question why you took the time to listen.  It reminds me a small local theater here in Reno I go to sometimes.  The subject matter of their plays can be crazy (like pedophilia or lesbian vampires), but the acting is so good you enjoy yourself anyways.  I could listen to French For Cartridge all day even though I have no idea what I am listening to.

The Pizzazz Handbell Trio

People familiar with the handbell world should recognize the three ringers in the Pizzazz Handbell Trio that provided the bell ringing for this recording.  Gay and Alan Cooper were featured on Brittan’s Got Talent and Carla Sue is now married to well known west coast bass bell fanatic Larry Sue.  Carla and Larry have been writing advanced 8 bell music now that Carla lives in the United States, and you can check out their work on www.choraegus.com.

It is great to see bells being incorporated into other art forms.  What other types of music have you seen bells show up in?