Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Posted By Derek Nance on Jun 27, 2013 |

Just a quick post today, but I promise I have some cool stuff in the works.  Since everyone really enjoyed our earlier post of a group from Japan totally rocking an arrangement of Glenn Miller, I have more videos from that group.  Here is a video of the Kinjo Gakuin University Handbell choir performing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” arranged by W. Runyan and C. Dobrinski released yesterday.  This performance is short, beautiful, and nothing I can say can match just listening and enjoying.

We will be back soon with some more awesome content, including a behind the scenes look at the Raleigh Ringers and another Pop Music week, but this video was too cool not to share.

And if you want your mind blown, here is a bonus video by the Kinjo group that is just insanely impressive.