Harmony Ringers – Group Spotlight

Posted By Derek Nance on Aug 10, 2013 |

Harmony Ringers were formed in the summer of 2011 in Canton, Ohio after the folding of another area premiere handbell choir. The Director, Christine Allison, felt the need for those who were ringing, now without a more advanced choir, to still have a place to showcase their talents. Thus the birth of Harmony Ringers, under the umbrella of A Chorus for a Cause.  They are Ohio’s “little secret”, as they aren’t as known as they would love to be. And I agree. Check out these comments a few people posted on their Facebook page, just so you can get an idea of what you’ve been missing out on!
“Harmony Ringers are absolutely amazing! They are professional, dedicated musicians that know how to enjoy music & get the audience involved.” – Karen Anderson

“Awesome. Outstanding. Incredible. Fun. Entertaining. Talented. Just a few words that describe tonight’s concert by Harmony Ringers. You rocked! Totally wonderful concert! Thank you for all your hours of practice and your hard work.” – Susie Buckey

“They were great! Weren’t they! Somehow they have got to become known. They are one of Canton’s best kept secrets! Time for the secret to be known!” – Anita Rayburn

“Tremendous sounds from this group… How neat…..” – Ken Wilke

“I just want all the ringers to know, I was at the last concert and was thoroughly impressed with your concert. It was amazing! I have never been to a bell concert before that was as much fun as your concerts are.” – Carolyn Baum Abel

Another Perspective Of The Harmony Ringers By Member Ann Hartong

Harmony Ringers is a community bell choir in Stark county Ohio. We operate under the umbrella of A Chorus for a Cause, a group dedicated to performance for the benefit of others. We are a fairly new choir but last year with major assistance from the Chorus we were able to purchase our own 5 octave set of Malmark bells and handchimes.

The members of Harmony Ringers range in age from college to grandmothers, some of us are professional musicians who studied at the college level, as well as some more informally trained. We have a triplet, a mother of triplets, a school bus driver, a number of teachers, medical professionals, church pianists and a church organist.

Our goal as a choir is to present a polished performance of sacred as well as secular music and improving our visibility in the community to introduce people to the beauty of handbell music. We have enjoyed performing prior to concerts by both the Cleveland Orchestra and Canton Symphony Orchestra as well as performing at Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio. We are looking forward this year to learning and performing a memorized version of the Star Spangled Banner so we are available for local events in addition to our customary Christmas and Spring concerts.


“We have one man playing with us. I’m sure he would like another one, but so far, evidently, the word hasn’t gotten out there for more to audition.” – Christine Allison

Auditions are held each July to find the most qualified, committed handbell ringers for the upcoming year. If you think you may be interested in auditioning for The Harmony Ringers, please contact Christine Allison at cdanotes@gmail.com.

Be Still My Soul

This piece always gives me the chills. Even more when it’s performed as great as this! Bravo!

This has been a fun feature! Harmony Ringers are a very talented and “unknown” group that need your support so they can be heard! They are fun and precise in their concerts, and you can tell they love what they do. One of the main reasons for that is that they had to work hard to get where they are right now. I hope I can meet them and watch them perform someday!

“It is so fun to hear people who have heard us play for their first time say: ‘I never knew bells could sound like that! I never liked bells in the church, but I loved these!'” – Christine Allison

And that is what this is all about. I love handbells.

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