How Much Traveling Is Too Much Traveling?

Posted By Derek Nance on Feb 7, 2014 | 3 comments

As the snow storm leaves the East Coast after a week of crazy weather, our mountains over here on the West Coast have begun to get a much needed covering of snow. This of course happens as I buy a bus ticket to head over Donner Pass to San Francisco for the weekend. Yes, that Donner Pass you learned about in social studies, where in 1846 the Donner Party had to resort to cannibalism to survive being trapped in a snow storm.  Why would I decide this weekend is the right weekend for a road trip?  To attend a handbell concert, of course.
I have posted about Bell Appeal from San Francisco many times on the blog, and this weekend they are presenting a concert entitled “When I Think Of Home”.  Now that I have been to several of their concerts I am hooked on their original arrangements of popular music, so I try not to miss any of their performances.  Which is why I’m taking the four hour bus ride to San Francisco tomorrow.

Some of my handbell friends and I have been having a discussion recently about how far is too far to travel to a handbell rehearsal or concert.  While I’m playing in the Sonos Handbell Ensemble, I routinely do a four hour commute one way to get to our weekend rehearsals in the bay area.  My commute is not the farthest, however.  Some of the ringers in Sonos fly up from Southern California ever rehearsal weekend.  In the past, people have flown in from as far away as Japan to rehearse with the group.  Sonos is not the only group I know to have ringers commute in from far away; there is a member of my home group Tintabulations who drives four hours from Bishop, California to be in our group.

This all leads me to wonder how far “sane” people would travel to rehearsal.  Is driving four hours to get to rehearsal appropriate on the west coast because our cities are farther apart?  Or do people on the East Coast drive just as far to do bell things?

To find out, I put together a little survey.  Once you complete the survey below and hit “done” you will be able to view the survey results.

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What do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Cover Photo: “Half way looking at the road map” by Kitty Terwolbeck on Flickr.  Used under the Creative Commons License.