Live Streaming Coming To National Seminar This Summer

Posted By Derek Nance on Jul 6, 2017 |

I am very excited about a new project we have been working on for National Seminar this summer, one that I have been hoping would happen for a while. For the first time ever, all of the concerts will be streamed live on the internet for all to see! Bob Avant and I are working on putting together the best quality audio and video stream we can for everyone to enjoy. Obviously with this being the first year there are bound to be some quirks, but overall it should be a great time.

Here is a line up of the concerts at this year’s National Seminar. Since the seminar is in Anaheim, California, all times are listed in Pacific Standard time. The live feed can be found on the Handbell Musicians of America Facebook Page. If there needs to be any last minute changes to the schedule or feed, that information will be posted in the same place.

Wednesday, July 12th

1:00 pm – Bells of the Sound

7:30 pm – LA Bronze

Thursday, July 13th

1:00 pm – Soloist Elizabeth Mays

5:30 pm – Concert Handbells of Concordia University

Friday, July 14th

1:00 pm – Crown City Ringers

5:30 pm – Velocity Handbell Ensemble

Saturday, July 15th

6:00 pm – Bells on Temple Square

I know I am very excited about the line up this summer. While I haven’t seen any of these concerts yet, I do know that we will all be in for a treat. Bells of the Sound is reported to have their jazz concert put together. Their jazz album a couple years ago was fantastic, as were the accompanying concerts. LA Bronze is lead by Alex Guebert, an incredible contemporary classical composer. I think we’ll be hearing at least of few of his new compositions. Soloist Elizabeth Mays studies with Michele Sharik and plays with Timbre, so no telling what new tricks she may have. University groups always have an energy about them that most groups struggle with. Concordia University is one group that I know will rock the house. PL Grove leads the Velocity Handbell Ensemble. Now a full ensemble, instead of the quartet/duet seen in past years, Velocity still pushes the boundaries on what is possible musically on bells. Bells on Temple Square is my dark horse in this line up. They have some absolutely fantastic videos online of them alone or with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but I don’t know anyone who has ever been to a full concert of just the bell group. Somehow I get the feeling that this will be a concert not to miss.

See everyone online next week!