Makana, Slack Guitar Genius

Posted By Derek Nance on Mar 4, 2013 | 6 comments

Sometimes it can be hard to find a new inspiring musician every week to post up here, but this week the choice was very easy. Last Thursday I had the extreme fortune of hearing an amazing musician in concert. Makana has redefined the genre of slack key guitar playing by blending tradition slack key methods with newer genres that are currently popular. For those of you who do not know (I was just enlightened last week), the term slack key refers to the fact that the guitar is tuned differently for every song based on the chord structure.
Here is a video of Makana playing “Koi”:

Makana is not only an amazing musician but also an awesome performer. Slack guitar is like handbells because between songs there is a certain amount of setup required to get his strings tuned. Throughout his entire performance and the thirty seconds between each song, he never lost the audience’s attention, whether he was telling a story of his past or just recounting a fun story from his travels to Reno.  As bell ringers we always need to strive to hold the audiences attention through the entire performance and treat the time in between pieces like they are as important as the rest of the concert.

I will close with my favorite song he does called “The Poi Song”.