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The Handbell Brothers are excited to be bringing the world Michèle Sharik’s Senior recital “Not your Gramma’s Bells”.  The recital took place at Cal State San Marcos on November 17th, 2012.  Michèle performs a whole host of different styles of music, from classic bell literature to minimalist adaptations to modern compositions, while accompanied by a small army of musicians.

A high quality DVD was also recorded at the performance.  Information on how to purchase the DVD will be available here in the spring.


(Click on each song title to jump to that piece)

Pre-show – interviews about handbells

Prisms(1975) – William Payn

SoundShards (2012) – Susan T. Nelson, commissioned by Michele Sharik *World Premiere*

Copper Clapper Caper – skit

Minimal Rondeau (1999) – Thomas E. Parsons

Wind of Soul (2012) – Sierra Tse *U.S. Premiere*

Carillon (2003) – Kevin McChesney

Grace (2002) – Roger Weismeyer with “To Walk With Me” (2012) film by Michèle Sharik

“Clapper” Music (1972) – Steve Reich

Change Ringing Demonstration

Song of Peace (2001) – Arnold Sherman


Michèle Sharik – Soloist

Timbré Handbell Ensemble – KatRyn Howell, Sunghee Kim, Elizabeth Mays, Barbra Meinke, Gretchen Rauch, and Brian Pituley

Toni Aguilar, handbells; Roy Attridge, handbells; Raymond Betz, percussion; Meridith Blake, acting; PL Grove, handbells, singing; Diego Gutierrez, marimba; Ginger Hague, handbells; Tessique Houston, handbells; KatRyn Howell, synthesizer; Scott Middough, piano; Sara Millar, handbells, dancing; Jeremy Springer, acting; Patti TenBrook, handbells, cello; Warren TenBrook, singing; and Ian Voyagis, singing, acting

Technical Personnel

Live sound and main screen operation – Lorenzo Taylor

Lighting Design and Operation – Ashley Jenks

Audio and Video – Tessique Houston

Costume Manager – PL Grove

Stage hands – Timbré Ensemble, Roy Attridge, Ruben Mendoza, Ian Voyagis, and Brian Houston

Video Crew – led by Andrew Reed

Live web streaming -The Handbell Brothers

Diva Wrangling – Brian Pituley

Wind of Soul

Michele Sharik's recital

Poem by Sierra Tse

To whom I miss

do you sleep well?

To whom I miss

do you live well?

I can’t remember how long we didn’t see each others.

Back and forth between the earth;

to compensate for all the karma,

never known when can I go home.

When bells ring,

in order to console every hurt souls,

it reminds all the stories;

the lingering, is the care that cannot erase.

Under the limited time,

I take the life responsibility,

to serve all the beings,

to compensate for the endless black hole.

Special Thanks

Dr William Bradbury, Kristine Diekmann, Chad Huggins, Albert Rascon, Hope Lutheran Church (Temecula, CA), Clairemont Lutheran Church (San Diego, CA), Grace Lutheran Church (Palo Alto, CA), Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, CA), Sonos Handbell Ensemble, Stephen Greenlee, Susan T. Nelson, Sierra Tse, Rima Greer, Jim Meredith

Quote in “Clapper” Music intro: Johnson, Ton. 1989. The Vioce of New Music: New York City 1972-1982 – A Collection of Articles Originally Published by the Village Voice.  Eindhoven, Netherlands: Het Apollohuis.  ISBN 90-71638-09-X.

Post Concert Music : Kodo Tryptich – James Meredith, from “Ringing Up” DVD, Sonos Handbell Ensemble.  ©2009 Sonos Productions, used by permission.

Program by Gretchen Rauch

Michèle Sharik’s website: http://www.thegoldendance.com