More Than Just Another ‘Carol of the Bells’

Posted By Derek Nance on Nov 19, 2012 |

I’ll be the first to admit it…after a while I get tired of playing “Carol of the Bells”.  Unfortunately, as bell ringers we are cursed to play that piece over and over, because that’s what the audience wants to hear.  Composers have come to the rescue and there are some really sweet arrangements out there now, like the ones by Matthew Prins or John Malinowski.  But even still, the piece does get old after a while.
I thought I was going to be cursed to slowly dislike that piece more and more…

However, the fabulous, 5 member techno-pella group Pentatonix just released their first Christmas album, PTXmas, with this impressive arrangement of “Carol of the Bells”.

This group blows my mind every time they release a new cover of a piece I thought I knew well.  Their Youtube Channel has all sorts of original arrangements, and in one year they have managed to get almost 34 million views on their official Youtube channel alone.

Pentatonix has proved to me that even when I think I’ve heard every variation of every Christmas tune, something new can always be created.