New Handbell Music From Three Rivers and Forte

Posted By Derek Nance on May 12, 2013 | 3 comments

There are new videos being released all the time now that most groups are performing their spring concerts, which means more awesome bell music to enjoy.  Here are two of my favorite videos that were released this week.
First, from Pittsburgh we have the talented Three Rivers Ringers performing “March of the Dwarfs”.  This group sounds like they have been together for decades, but upon further research I discovered they were formed back in 2010, making this only their third concert season.  They approached Betty B. Garee’s arrangement of the classic Grieg piece with such musicianship and dynamic range that I sat in rapt attention for the entire piece.

Also just released this week is new music by the Colorado Springs based Forte Handbell Quartet.  This energetic offshoot of the the famous Pikes Peak Ringers pushes the boundaries on handbell quartet music, and a great example of their skills is their cover of “All of Me” that was released this past week.  The trickiest part of “All of Me” in my opinion is the constant driving eight note runs that never let up throughout the entire piece.  Yet the four musicians in Forte tackle the runs with grace and style without looking frantic or panicked.

If you have not seen the original of this video, “All of Me” was written by Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys.  I have been wanting to mention the Piano Guys on this blog for a while, so this is my excuse to tell you to go watch their videos.  They put together a power house team of musicians and producers who together create some of the most fascinating music videos on the web.  Here is the original piece:

If you see any new handbell videos over the next week, send them our way!!