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Backstage with the RR

“Rather Be” by Clean Bandit cover

Our arrangement of the hit song “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit.


Backstage With the Raleigh Ringers – Thoughts From Places

Every wondered with it would be like to perform with the Raleigh Ringers?  Follow Derek and Bryce as they spend a day hanging out with the group during the 2013 Virtuoso event.


Handbells Were Born To Be Played This Way

Composer and ringer Brian Seemann shows off his skills on this original arrangement and performance of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”


Techno Handbells?!

We had a friend of our take a bell song most ringers are familiar with, “Now the Green Blade Riesth” by Kevin McChesney, and make a remix out of it.


Attracting Young Ringers – Matt Compton

We sat down with composer Matt Compton, and he shared his thoughts on how to attract ringers his age into the art form.


Matt ComptonImagining Bells As Theater

A rant about what makes bell groups entertaining, and what makes bell groups cheesy.


“Firework” by Katie Perry Cover

The Handbell Brothers’ first music video!


Tricks and Tips From the Raleigh Ringers

A few tricks every bell ringer would find useful that we picked up while spending a weekend with the Raleigh Ringers.


“Spirit Wind” Music Video

Working with the Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble, our first music video with a story about finding true love on ice.