Pomplamoose – Inspiring Musicians

Posted By Derek Nance on Oct 8, 2012 |

We always run across musicians that don’t play bells (namely, all of them) but still do things musically that would sound great on bells or work well in the bell community.  Our first musicians up on our new “Inspiring Musicians” series is the Youtube duo Pomplamoose.
Pomplamoose is a duo of two incredible, multi-tallented musicians who have made a career off of the video songs they post to Youtube.  Their unique video song format, where what you see is what you hear, creates fast pace, entertaining videos, while their interesting covers of popular songs draw you in.  Here is their rendition of “My Favorite Things” for example:

In an interview with NPR’s All Things Considered, they talk about how easy it is for a band to become popular and sell music without the need of a major record label.  Nataly Dawn, one of the group’s members, commented “People think that all of these things have to be done by geniuses behind huge desks or at the top of skyscrapers, but you can just go online and do it yourself.”

That is the biggest thing we as bell ringers can take away from Pomplamoose.  Big record labels are never going to pick up a handbell ensemble, but that doesn’t mean that we can not make this instrument into a career.  Everything that a group needs to do to become popular, from PR to distribution to legal, can all be done by anyone on the internet.  All it takes is a good idea and some enthusiasm.