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Posted By Derek Nance on Jul 9, 2013 |

Editors Note: Today’s post is from our friend Tiara, who runs the I Love Handbells Facebook page.  She has started featuring a group every week on her page, so we asked if she would share those posts with all of us on the blog. 
Rezound!® is an auditioned community handbell ensemble located in the greater Kansas City area. Established in June 2001, the ensemble presents a lively sound blending the unique timbres of English handbells, Petit & Fritsen bells, handchimes, and Whitechapel bells.  Rezound! is dedicated to promoting the art and skill of handbell ringing through performances, serving the community through varied educational endeavors, and providing the highest quality and challenging outlet for skilled ringers. (From their Facebook Page)

Rezound! also offers classes for workshops and clinics… a link to their brochure with a listing of classes can be found on the front page of their website!  Also on their website is information about the members, schedules, their very own CDs and DVDs (and how to purchase them), contact information, among other things!

Boot Camp

I had never heard the words ‘boot camp’ and ‘handbells’ in the same sentence before, but Rezound! makes it work. When looking through the pictures they sent, the caption for one of them caught my eye: “The group at our ‘boot camp’ workshop in 2012”.  When we hear the words ‘boot camp’, we think ‘military’, ‘training’, ‘discipline’, but never ‘fun’, ‘sight reading’, ‘rehearsing’ or ‘music’ (unless they’re playing “I don’t know what I’ve been told…”).  So, when I told them I was curious about the whole thing, they explained:

“At the start of each concert season, the ensemble holds a full-day ‘boot camp’ at which we read through and start rehearsing the upcoming season’s music. Sometimes this has taken place at an area camp facility for an overnight retreat, with about 3-4 hours of rehearsal Friday evening and then a full day rehearsing on Saturday”

I immediately thought this was a great idea!  This is a perfect way to shake (literally) off some of the rust ringers get after not rehearsing for the whole summer.  It’s a great way to share with other members after the break (in the case that they don’t perform in the summer), talk in detail about the plans for the upcoming season, without the rush of the rehearsal time running out, and many hours of bell-tastic fun!

Moon Over the Ruined Castle

The poem was written by Bansui Doi, and it was inspired by the ruins of Aoba Castle and Aizuwakamatsu Castle.

Translated poem:

In the Springtime, there was a party for viewing the cherry blossoms

from the highest part of the castle. The sake cup casts a shadow

on the ancient pine trees. The branches are fanned out far.

Where did such glory of the old times go?


The color of frost settles on the samurai camp.

Geese fly away in numbers, making music in the air.

Where is this old glory which shines

on this sword planted into the ground?


Today, the midnight moon is over the ruined castle.

An unchanged light. For whom is it shining?

Whatever is left of the castle’s fence, only a vine clings upon.

And the only singing left to the pines is the mourning winds.


The heaven’s shining light over the ruined castle does not change.

The ways of the world continue to go up and down.

And that is the way of this world.

Trying to reflect the glories and successes.

Now, after reading that, the feeling you get while listening to Rezound!’s performance will be more enriching and spiritual.  I’ve performed it with my choir before, and it’s safe to say that the piece performs itself. It’s so deep that our hands basically move on their own, making it one of the most amazing experiences of our lifetime.  And I have a feeling that the Director feels the same way while conducting (you can tell how much Rezound!’s Director, Lauran Delancy, is enjoying herself).

Keep having fun Rezound! Handbell Ensemble!

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