The State of the Blog 2014

Posted By Derek Nance on Jan 7, 2014 |

We are back!!!  After some work upgrading our servers and behind-the-scenes stuff, the blog is back up and ready for a new year!
2013 was a crazy year for the blog.  It was our first full year in operation, and we managed to have quite a few interesting journey’s along the way.  Here are some of the interesting things we got the chance to do and bring to you all:


In June we traveled across the country to visit Raleigh, North Carolina and hang out with the Raleigh Ringers at their inaugural Virtuoso Experience.  They invited 28 of the best (read: craziest) ringers in the country to spend a weekend creating beautiful music under the direction of Dr. Bill Payn.  Both of us had an insane time, and it pushed us harder than either of us had ever been pushed as ringers.  The whole event culminated with a guest appearance at the Raleigh Ringer’s spring concert.  I made a behind the scene’s video to give everyone a taste of what the experience was like.

For those of you who get the Overtones Magazine, you can also check out my article about the Virtuoso Experience in the November/December issue!  Now I can check “Ring with the Raleigh Ringers” and “Become a published handbell author” off my bucket list.

National Seminar

This year marked the first time we were able to attend National Seminar.  We got to meet so many amazing people and many of you who follow the blog.  Our home group Tintabulations also received the honor of performing the opening concert at Seminar.  That performance was one of the most nerve wracking and exhilarating performances I’ve ever had the chance to give.  The audience of over 600 bell people was incredibly supportive, and you could feel the energy in the room through out the entire concert.  Here is our performance of “Misty” by Arnold Sherman at Seminar.  I am conducting, and Bryce is the one in the middle with the green bandana.  The video isn’t the greatest because I neglected to set up my nice microphones, which of course means that we played the best concert we’ve ever performed.  Life always seems to work that way.

Our First Music Video

This year we also attempted our first music video.  I’m a huge believer that we need more music videos in the handbell world.  Not just videos of performances, but actual well produced music videos.  So we teamed up with a friend of ours who has a fancy camera and set out to make our own.  The sound track is Bryce and I sitting in my bed room laying down layer after layer of bell parts to create the whole ensemble sound.  Then we ventured out to the Great Reno Balloon Race to shoot a music video.  We had planned on more shots of us performing, but the balloons were too beautiful, so we just ended up watching them all three mornings.  Everyone seemed to really like the video, so expect more in the future!

Touring With Sonos

Sonos and their name on a sign

Sonos and their name on a sign

I had the opportunity this December to tour the Midwest with the professional handbell ensemble Sonos (Bryce was busy doing school, which I guess is a bit important).  It was certainly an adventure flying and driving around the country for eight days giving a total of five performances.  Now that the blog is back up and we finished our last 12th night concert this weekend, I guess I owe everyone a post about the trip.  Expect that in the coming weeks.

So that is some of the awesome stuff we got the chance to do this past year.  It was amazing to travel around the country and meet so many other bell ringers, who are also many of you reading this now.  Thank you to all our fans who continue to read our humble blog.  Who knows what 2014 will bring…but we promise to take you along for the ride!