Trying a New Way To Record Bells

Posted By Derek Nance on Nov 24, 2012 | 2 comments

Bryce recordingOne of the issues the handbell community has is a lack of decent recordings of handbells, and one of the hardest parts of getting a good recording of bells is getting the entire choir together for long enough to practice and record.  We decided to tackle this problem and have some fun by attempting to record an entire piece by ourselves (yes, this is how we have fun…don’t judge us…)
Starting with the fairly simple quartet “Brian Boru March” by Susan T. Sylvester, we recorded one part on top of the other, until we ended up with a complete recording of the piece.  Here is the full recording:

Surprisingly, this process wasn’t all that hard to pull off.  Our next goal is to work on harder quartets, and once we get that process down we are going to try and record a full ensemble piece in this fashion.

What does everyone think of the recording?  What piece should we do next?