WindSync – Inspiring Musicians

Posted By Derek Nance on Jan 7, 2013 |

I’m going to try and get back into the habit of posting my favorite non bell musicians every Monday, and I’m still posting holiday music because I keep finding more and more great recordings!
Earlier on the blog we posted an article exploring what theater and handbells have in common, and today’s group exemplifies how a classic music ensemble can also be theatrical.  WindSync is a woodwind quintet from Houston, Texas, that strives to make classical music compelling and interesting to a younger generation.  Rather than tell you about it, just watch their rendition of the Nutcracker:

I absolutely love how they can add all sorts of fun antics into their performances and still remain serious musicians.  By having complete confidence and control of their instrument, they can dance around and laugh and still keep the audience drawn into the performance.

(As a side note, their Horn player Anni and I played Horn together throughout high school.  She was just as amazing back then.)

If their version of the Nutcracker wasn’t cool enough for you, then also check out their Sleigh Ride from the same concert.