Your Chance To Ring the Biggest Bronze Bell Produced

Posted By Derek Nance on Dec 15, 2014 | 2 comments

This week we are going to post a bunch of our favorite Christmas videos that have come out recently.  At many handbell concerts this winter it would be safe to bet that audiences will be particularly intrigued by bass bell ringers.  Bass bell ringers are constantly moving and changing large bells, grabbing audiences attention.  Recently I ran across a rehearsal video from the Three Rivers Ringers of Cathy Moklebust’s stunning arrangement of “The First Noel”.  What struck me about this video is that the entire performance is captured from a Go Pro stuck to the head of a bass ringer, providing a unique view point.  I especially liked the big chords at 3:20, when the group plays ginormous chords rooted by the massive C2 bell.  You can feel the vibrations from the bell shaking the camera.
Now I want to watch more ringers from this perspective.  I wonder if we can get the Raleigh Ringers or Kiriku to record a video from this perspective?  (Looking at you Dave Harris).  What group would you want to see from the ringers perspective?