Youtube Statistics Show Interesting View of Bells

Posted By Derek Nance on Nov 26, 2012 | 1 comment

To get an idea of how the average person views handbells, we decided to search Youtube for “handbells”, sort the results by view count, and pull out only videos that have people ringing bells.  Here are the top viewed videos about handbells on Youtube:

#1: Improv Everywhere’s Gurrella Handbell Strikeforce

1.7 million views

#2 – Gay and Allen, Brittan’s Got Talent

1.7 million views

#3 -” Carol of the Bells” by Here Come the Mummies

700 thousand views

#4 – “Carol of the Bells” First Baptist Church Eastman, Georgia

320 thousand views

#5 – “Carol of the Bells” Mormon Tabernacle Choir

300 thousand views

So, what do you think?  Is this an accurate view of handbells?  If you could show everyone just one handbell video, which would it be?

(Also, now I know why everyone always asks our group to play “Carol of the Bells”).