New to the blog?

Welcome to the Handbell Brothers Blog!  We’re glad you found your way to our humble blog, full of new and interesting trends in the Handbell world.  We have created a list of our favorites to help you get started, but here are some of things you may find:

Posts about handbells

At least once a week, usually on Wednesdays, we post videos and blogs with our thoughts about handbells.  Sometimes they will be discussions of techniques, uses of social media, or just rants about what’s on our mind.

Highlights of our favorite bell groups

Every Saturday we highlight some of our favorite bell music in our Weekend Music series.  Also, we are spotlighting groups from around the bell world in our Group Spotlight series.

Inspiring non-bell ringing musicians

We also like to point out cool things in the music world that aren’t bell related, but can give us ideas to try with our groups.  Check out a new group occasionally on Mondays in our Inspiring Musicians series.

The Handbell Brothers